What We Do

Simply put, we help you to eat like a normal person and still see amazing results!

Our sole goal at Gray Nutrition is to walk you away from the detrimental crash diet mindset, learn how to nourish your body adequately, so you never have to go on a diet again. We do this through simplifying nutrition and walking you away from unrealistic expectations and crazy plans.

Why We Do It

Our mission at Gray Nutrition is to make you 110% confident, so you can make memories and see long-lasting results!

Do you ever just want to eat a donut with your kid on a Saturday morning, go out with your spouse for a date night, order take out with your friends, drink wine, and feel no ounce of guilt? Do you want to look at food and not gain 5lbs? Do you want to feel like your body is working for you, not against you?

When you understand the science of metabolism, how to prepare your environment for success, and solidify your nutrition to make your consistency on fire… you will never have to go on another diet again.

How We Do It

Fun for the Whole Family

Meal Kit Method

  • A systemized meal prep solution to walk you away from Pinterest and Complex Diet Recipes
  • 70+ Balance Meal Kit Ideas with ~5 Ingredients or less to make meal time a breeze!
  • 5+ Snack Bin Ideas to overhaul your energy during the day!
  • Tips to get your Kids involved in the kitchen so they learn how to eat!
  • Meal Kit Cards to help you layout your meal plan for the week in a simple and visual way.
  • The key to being consistent with healthy eating with no diet rules attached!
  • Digital Download or Physical workbook available—chose your preference!




The Gray30

  • Instant Access to the Gray30: DIY Self Paced Online Course going over Emily's 4-Step Gray Method
  • 30 day Action Plan to Jumpstart your progress today
  • 12+ video lessons
  • 30+ pages of resources, meal plans, and easy meal ideas
  • Weekly homework to help you take action
  • Weekly Check-in forms for accountability
  • No BS Diet Rules



Most Popular

The Gray30 + Gray Path

  • Instant Access to everything mentioned in The Gray30!
  • 1 Virtual Nutrition Assessment Session with your Gray Nutrition Coach to customize your action plan to fit you!
  • Weekly personalized support, direction, accountability, and encouragement
  • Unlimited text message access to Your Gray Nutrition Coach
  • Cancel anytime (you can be in the Path as long as you need!)
  • Resource Vault with tons of bonus content such as Top Monthly Grocery Finds by Emily, Bonus recipes, and more!


+ $249/month • cancel anytime!


Most Personalized

Gray Way

  • 3 months 1:1 high touch coaching with your Dietitian
  • 1 Virtual Nutrition Assessment Session + 2 Follow Up Virtual Sessions (1 per month)
  • The Gray Guide – a fully customized 90 Day Road Map.
  • Personalized video explanation of your Gray Guide with tips
  • Customized Meal Ideas, Meal Plans, Resources based on your schedule, lifestyle, and dietary preferences.
  • Daily support, direction, accountability, and encouragement over coaching platform
  • Unlimited text message access to your Gray Nutrition Dietitian


billed quarterly • installment plans available