30 days to

quit the black

& white thinking


and stop dieting for good



hey friend,

Are you tired of the all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to your diet?

Do you want to eat like a normal person and still feel amazing in your body?

It's time to say goodbye to diets and embrace the Gray!

Introducing Gray30, where we promise you three things:

  1. Simplify Nutrition: We'll make nutrition simple so you can actually get results.
  2. Let Go of Diet Rules: Say goodbye to crazy diet rules and unrealistic expectations you've put on yourself.
  3. End the Dieting Cycle: Never go on another diet again!

Let Me Guess...
You are tired of dieting!


You have spent years bouncing from one diet to the next.
The bars, shakes, programs, challenges... you name it, you've tried it.

But despite all of your best efforts, the scale just won't move.
You might be feeling like your metabolism, body, and thyroid are broken.

Nothing has worked and losing weight is honestly feeling impossible.


You want to stop dieting and find a way to eat that isn't
so freaking hard, but you have no clue where to start.



diets don't work!

(but you probably already knew that)


You're eating "good" during the week, but by Friday night, you find yourself overeating.

You don't love how you feel or look, so you go on a diet to "feel better", but a few days or weeks in, you are feeling hungry, deprived, and over it. You might even feel worse than you did when you started the diet.

And that's because diets are not only impossible to stick to, but they actually ruin your metabolism (and your relationship with food) in the process.

Your metabolism is not broken. But after years of dieting, it needs a little help.

After helping hundreds of former yo-yo dieters, here's exactly how to boost your metabolism:

1. Have a fail-proof plan
2. Eat enough
3. Stick to it


Yep, it's that simple.


The problem with diets is that they only focus on step 1, the plan.
Diets tell you a list of what you can and can't eat and that's it.

Diets don't care if you're wrecking your metabolism, because you are eating less than a child.

Diets don't care if it's completely unrealistic to skip entire food groups.

Diets don't care if you are miserable and hungry.

"I thought my metabolism would never get moving again!
After doing the Gray30, the scale is going down, my clothes fit better and I am not starving!"
"I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to eat all the time to keep my metabolism up or if I was supposed to cut calories and fast.
After doing the Gray30, I now know it’s all about balance, not starvation!"

Hi, I'm Emily

Dietitian, Weight Loss Coach
and Former Dieter.


After years of undereating, over restricting, binging, and over exercising (with the wrong type of exercise) I trashed my metabolism. I gained 20lbs in a matter of 2 years.... while training for a marathon! No joke I was running 20 miles on a Saturday and all week crushing 6-8 mile runs and I was still gaining weight!

Dieting screwed me... I equated my self-worth to the scale, how perfect I was with my “diet”, how much willpower I could have around unhealthy food, how much I exercised, how many calories I burned and ate day to day… I was a maniac. I was neurotic. I was not fun to be around. I didn’t even like ME. I wanted so bad for someone to snap me out of this vicious cycle of “black” and “white” thinking when it came to my diet and exercise.

After years wrecking my metabolism, I decided to give up dieting. I knew there had to be a better way. It wasn't until I started eating more and excising less that I started to feel better... and lose weight. I was shocked. Could it be this easy?

Now 10 years later, I have maintained my weight where I like it, gotten off the yo-yo diet train, and I've helped hundred of other women quit dieting and lose weight for good!


The Gray30

the exact metabolism-boosting, fat-loss method I've used with hundreds of women.


Gray30 is for the woman who is ready to get back into her favorite pair of jeans, for the woman who has tried every diet under the sun and is sick and tired of not seeing progress, for the woman who wants to eat a freaking brownie without feeling guilty.

The Gray30 was created to provide you a simple method to achieving the body composition and health you have always dreamt of. It uses quick action steps to get you results as early as today!

The Gray30 provides you endless amounts of resources, tips, tricks, strategies, and ongoing support to help encourage you to reach your goals and truly change your habits. And YES you really can change your body composition and metabolism for good so you don’t have to worry about investing money in another fad diet program! I promise you your dreams are closer than you may think!

When you join the Gray30 you will learn the exact steps to meet YOUR individual needs, understand how to well balance your meals, fuel your metabolism, accommodate your favorite foods, and get you the method to achieving all your goals!

You will finally stop sitting in a puddle of disappointment every Monday, trust your body to work for you, feel better in your jeans, and be invested in a nutrition plan and strategy that finally makes you feel in control vs stressed!

"I was pretty sure my metabolism had stopped working.
Now, I feel like my body is properly fueled and my metabolism is doing what it is supposed to do.​ "
"I am confident that the Gray30 teaches you to not just reach your goals but to maintain them for a healthy lifestyle change.
The mindfulness techniques and mantra that "fast weight loss is not fat loss" are game changers for sure.​"

Is the Gray30 Right for You?

The Gray30 is not for you if...

  • You honestly enjoy thinking about food 24/7
  • You aren't ready to walk away from food rules
  • You'd prefer a SlimFast shake over a sandwich
  • You love spending hours on the treadmill

The Gray30 is for you if...

  • You are sick of thinking about food 24/7 and want eating to be simple
  • You want the freedom to eat whatever you want!
  • You are so ready to eat bread again without feeling guilty
  • You want to work out smarter, not harder

Here's What you Get in the Gray30:

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced program: Transform your meals, metabolism, and mindset to feel like a rockstar in your energy, body, and mind.
  • The proven 6-step SIMPLE method: Start making changes easily and see quick results.
  • Videos and Gray30 Workbook: Walkthrough the steps and stay motivated with resources to achieve your goals.
  • 50+ pages of resources: Grocery lists, meal prep ideas, easy recipes, tips and tricks for alcohol, desserts, dining out, and conquering your week.
  • No tracking required: No logging, weighing, or counting. We make it extremely easy and actionable.
The Gray30

Topics We Will Cover

    • The foundation of nutrition and how to truly transform your meals to get results, have rockstar energy, mitigate cravings, and change the trajectory of your health.
    • Our simple method around using your plate that does not involve weighing, measuring, or counting calories.
    • How to get a balanced plate in front of you >90% of the time
    • How to stop your negative environments from holding you back from your full potential.
    • How to actually keep your consistency on fire with easy and simple meal ideas (like 5 ingredients or less).​​
    • Why you need more protein in your diet and how you know you are eating enough.
    • Strategies, tips, and tricks to get in more protein so you can see results from the gym, in your energy, and your overall health.

    • How to know if your metabolism is trashed and how to focus on repairing your metabolism over just weight loss.
    • How to get off the scale and stop the mental guilt.

    • Strategies needed to repair your metabolism and how to get extremely consistent with them (no crazy diet rules involved).
    • How to get your body, mind, and health back after years of crash dieting.

    • How to know if your metabolism is trashed and how to focus on repairing your metabolism over just weight loss.
    • How to get off the scale and stop the mental guilt.

What it Costs

Transform Your Nutrition in 2023

Instant Access to The Gray30




Valued at $799

Yours for $349


see what our students have to say...

"I have lost  

15 pounds with Emily

  and I have kept it off. I lost at least a few notches on my belt and feel much better physically!"

"First let me say, the Gray Way is powerful.
I've been amazed at the results I've had working with Gray Nutrition.
I've had over a 20 pound fat loss from following this method. No fad diets or crazy plans. Simply a lifestyle change that is realistic and easy for me to maintain!"

"If you are sick of feeling out of control with your weight and ready to commit to change then

you must work with her!"

"The foundations that Emily teaches will be useful for the

rest of my life! "

"Don't wait. Knowledge is power and Gray30 definitely teaches you all you need to know

to take control of your health."

"Because I have been eating healthy and being satisfied I don't have the cravings for sweets like I did before.
I don't rely on will power like I did in the past."

"I eat desserts 1-2 times a week without binging on them.

I really focus on Emily's guidance to eat them and move on!"

"After doing the Gray30, I realized my body needs fuel to lose weight… not starvation.
When people ask how many calories I eat during the day it blows them away that I eat 1520 and still can loose weight! I thought at my age 1200 calories would be the max!"

"Thank you for providing common sense that sometimes isn't so common!!

I can use the Gray30 forever!"

"I was trying to get back to the clothing size I was in before having my first child. It had been 2 years and nothing was working. I tried Weight Watchers, Intermittent Fasting, cutting out sugars, cutting out bread, 3-day diets, juice cleanses. You name it. Nothing was working and nothing was sticking. I’d lose a pound or 5 and then gain it all right back if I changed course. I wanted and needed more stability in my diet and eating.

And then I found Emily! I was excited to meet Emily because I was looking for a coach and a mentor. I needed someone that could take a look at my eating habits and lifestyle and make something fit into it instead of having to always change course or miss out on a fun night with friends and family or not be able to indulge in sweets without feeling guilty.

Emily not only coaches you every step of the way, but cheers you on and helps you get back on track. It’s exactly what I needed! I not only got to my goal weight, I feel the best I have in years. I am confident and excited when picking out outfits. I can eat anything I want and not feel guilty about it."

Kate S., Gray Nutrition Client
"I have lost 7 pounds thus far. I still have a way to go, but I feel much better overall.
Paying attention to how I fuel my body has made a world of difference in my energy level. I would highly recommend working with Emily! I really appreciate how she listens carefully to your goals and then provides expert guidance to fine tune your nutrition - leading to long term changes and lasting results."
"I feel like I have a much more positive outlook on eating to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight rather than crash dieting.


I feel better equipped to make consistent choices for a long term successful outcome."


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